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Getting Started with The Drop Zone

There are two ways to purchase:

Wholesale or Retail

Wholesale is the best way to get your essential oils. Think of it like a Costco membership. You pay $35 for a membership that get you 25% off all your essential oils and natural health products FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!!

Or these accounts come free with a kit (YES, You get a free wholesale account when you purchase a kit)!!

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The Drop Zone Wholesale Perks
(Exclusive to The Drop Zone)

  • A sample of our favorite OnGuard toothpaste (fluoride free).
  • A sample of Deep Blue Rub (A blend of oils in a lotion for muscle recovery)

Retail : You do not need an account to order oils! Go ahead and grab a few to try, and see what a difference they can make in your life.  When you are ready, you can receive whatever perks come with your membership through The Drop Zone that particular month. Email us at thedropzoneeo@gmail.com to chat, or CLICK HERE to order!

Common Q&A’s

Do I have to order every month when I open a wholesale account?
Nope. There is no minimum order required to keep a current account. The 25% discount is yours all year.

Does opening an account mean I have to sell doTERRA?
No ma’am.  Just buy your oils and use em, and love em, and be happy.

What happens after a year is up?
Renewal is $25 and you get a FREE BOTTLE OF PEPPERMINT ($20.50 wholesale, so it’s like paying $4.50 each year to renew❤️.)

What is LRP, and how does it get me free products? 

LRP means the Loyalty Rewards Program. Think of it as a Sky Miles card. LRP is available to wholesale accounts exclusively. As you buy product on LRP each month, you earn credit to use on future purchases.  For each continual month you are enrolled in LRP, your reward percentage increases.  Here is a fun video explaining it further.

I’ve been replacing my everyday purchases for over a year now to a healthier versions. So now when I place $100 in the things my family already needs each month, doTERRA gives me back $30 in points and $8 back in my shipping costs. So $38 in free points to use on products every single month. It adds up fast!! (This is how you get oils for free)

Another fun fact: doTERRA offers a free oil each month when you place an order of at least $125 (before the 15th) when you are enrolled in the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Which kit should I buy?

Ronda’s Favorite: Home Essential kit: It comes with full size bottles (15mL) AND a diffuser.

Michaela’s Favorite: Family Essentials kit: It comes with all of the oils you’d need to keep your family (and home) safe and healthy!

How can I get started selling doTERRA with The Drop Zone?

We’d love to chat with you and explain how to get started! Contact Ronda or Michaela at thedropzoneeo@gmail.com and we can chat!

Why do you girls love and recommend doTERRA?

There are 2 main reasons

1. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

2. Company Culture

1. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)

There is no regulation in the essential oil industry. Companies can use fillers and alter the pure chemical makeup of an essential oil and still call it an essential oil.  Infact, a leading essential oil chemist said 75% of the essential oils on the market today are adulterated! (Which means they aren’t just the pure plant)

This is why doTERRA uses the phrase “certified pure therapeutic grade”, maintaining a promise that their products will be:

  1. pure and unaltered
  2. grown in areas that ensure the best chemical make up of the plants, by farmers who use sustainable methods and are compensated through fair trade practices.
  3. that each batch of essential oils will go through rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure they are pure and powerful

Watch this short 3 minute video that beautifully explains what exactly CPTG covers:

2. Culture

DoTERRA started on humble grounds with no debt and has grown to be THE largest essential oil company in just 9 years. This happens by inspired and caring owners who ensure their customers are receiving the best possible product available and ensuring their wellness advocates (those selling) and their partners (the farmers and growers) are generously compensated.

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Welcome to The Drop Zone!

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